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Protection & Security

Educate, access to hot wallet, refer you out to partners to fill your needs if we can't, provide them with first hardware wallet. Give you access to this all on your own. walk them through multisig. 1) information about bitcoin for self-learners. 2) How to purchase & secure bitcoin. 3) how to their own bank. 4) How to help secure & strengthen the bitcoin ecosystem.

Licensed Exchange

Exposure to the lightning network.

Unlimited Free Transfers

Send any currency to friends, family members or business associates many times as you want, 24 hours a day free.

Multi Currency Accounts

Support major currencies: USD, EUR, GBP & various Cryptocurrencies. Funds exchanged between currencies rate.
1 BTC=
37021.92 USD
1 BTC=
32765.67 EUR
1 BTC=
15.06 ETH
1 BTC=
4220325.66 JPY
1 BTC=
33929.52 CHF
1 BTC=
51833.81 AUD
1 BTC=
342.47 LTC

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Bitcoin donation:
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Clear reasons why you need to get into Bitcoin

Start learning about Bitcoin with interactive tutorials. It’s fun, easy, and takes only a few minutes!

Quick Deposits & Withdrawals

Providing dozens of quick options for depositing and withdrawing money such as VISA, MasterCard, etc.

Reliable & Smart Platform

We offer consulting and Digital Currencies Investments Strategy with a monthly trading volume.

On-chain analysis

Taking a clear look at on-chain analysis such as the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model represents the valuation of Bitcoin and likely where it'll go.
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